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Can Ripoff Report Reviews Be Deleted?

Secret Way to Delete Ripoff Report Reviews

Negative and untrue reviews about your business which have been posted on the Ripoff Report can be extremely damaging to your business. Google absolutely loves Ripoff Report reviews, and features them very highly in search results.

Ripoff Report is Costing You Money

When someone googles your company name (which EVERYONE does now before doing business with you), one of the first two or three results will always be your Ripoff Report review.

On their site, RR is very frank: they will absolutely not delete Ripoff Report reviews, under any circumstances. Many companies have sued RR, and many companies have failed.

One successful way to handle this situation is to focus elsewhere: it is possible to get Google, and occasionally Yahoo and Bing, to remove negative Ripoff Report Reviews, with a court order. If the review is defamatory, infringes on your trademark, or was intentionally designed to damage your business, you may be able to sue the person who wrote the negative Ripoff Report review, and get a court to order that Google de-list the report.

When that happens, you will still not be able to get Ripoff Report to remove the offending review, but if it no longer shows up in a Google search for your company name, 99% of potential clients will never see the review.

Remove Ripoff Report Review

We have designed a way to remove Ripoff Report Reviews from Google, most of the time, for a very

reasonable cost. If your business (or you) are in California, please call or email me for more information about how we can remove Ripoff Report reviews from Google, using a combination of US and international copyright law and tort law.

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