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Free Estate Plan Audit

I will personally give you a free, friendly, estate planning audit with absolutely no obligation to you, to let you know whether your current estate plan accomplishes your goals:

  • Does it protect you and your family in the event of your disability or death?
  • Do your assets pass as you intended?
  • Does your estate plan convey your ethics and values to your heirs?

What Happens In Your Estate Plan Audit?

We will review your current

  • Will
  • Trust Agreement
  • Financial Power-of-Attorney
  • Health Care Proxy
  • Advanced Medical Directive

Along with any long-term care insurance you have, decide whether they are current, meet current laws, and meet your goals. At this meeting, you, your family, and I will get to know each other, and we will talk through the estate planning goals which are most important for your family.

If we find deficiencies in your current estate plan, I will recommend the changes you should consider making and within provide you with a written proposal, with my recommendations and the cost to design and implement your estate plan.

In connection with the preparation of your estate plan, I will help you determine the best selection regarding who should handle your legal, financial, and medical affairs, in the event of your illness, injury or incapacity. Then, we will work together with you to decide:

(a) How, when, and to whom you would like to distribute your property;

(b) The best way to legally avoid unnecessary income, gift, federal estate taxes, and state inheritance taxes;

(c) Who you would like to appoint as executor to settle your estate and trustee to manage assets for specific beneficiaries; and

(d) How to ensure that your property is protected from the claims of potential creditors and stays in your family, in the event that one or more of your beneficiaries should get divorced, suffer bankruptcy, or have difficulty managing a significant portfolio of assets.

Free Lifetime Estate Plan Reviews

As my client, we will monitor your estate plan, at no charge to you, through a my “Lifetime Estate Planning Review,”  in which we will review your entire estate plan every three (3) years, at no extra cost to you.

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