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How to File

This is a list of the information and records you’re going to need, once you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy in Oxnard, CA (or anywhere else I serve!). In order to prepare your chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, you will need:

Financial Records

  • Your most recent 6 month’s bank statements;
  • Your most recent bills from every creditor;
  • Most recent payment coupons for vehicles (lease or purchase), real estate, and student loans;
  • We’ll need to know the balance remaining on all your loans;
  • Bills or invoices for any large purchases you’ve made in the last year; and
  • Receipts

Legal Records

  • Your files from any previous litigation, including  any judgments that have been entered against you in court;
  • Files from your previous attorneys;
  • Any divorce decree or other court order that requires you to pay child support or maintenance; and
  • Any court orders requiring you to pay any amounts to the Court.

Additional Documents

  • Cancelled checks for any expense you won’t otherwise be able to document;
  • ALL your correspondence with or regarding creditors, especially threat letters from collection agencies;
  • ALL your insurance policies;
  • Your tax returns for the last two years;
  • Title documents for all your vehicles;
  • Your lease, rental agreement, or mortgage;
  • Any promissory notes you have signed;
  • Other documents relating to debts you owe other people;
  • Any proof that anyone owes you money; and
  • All the documents pertaining to any lawsuits with which you have been served.

You will need to download the Chapter 7 forms from the court website. Complete them according to the instructions. Then, file them with the clerk of the bankruptcy court, along with your filing fee.

Pay attention to the rules and deadlines. The Bankruptcy Court will not cut you any slack because you’re not an attorney; they will hold you to the same standards as someone else filing bankruptcy with an attorney.

If this is too much, please feel free to call me to discuss your bankruptcy options.

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