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Bankruptcy Roadmap


1. Click here to fill out your bankruptcy questionnaire.

(If you prefer an app on your phone, click here to use it as an app. If you prefer to download a PDF file, fill it in, and submit it that way, click here for a PDF.)

2. Click here to send the following documents (as PDF files only) by email to Leslie (

CleanShot 2022-02-02 at 10.30.48.png

We will not accept jpg files. All files must be PDF, in-focus, clear, and something you would be okay presenting to a federal court.

No scanner? Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT FEDEX. Download the free app, “CamScanner” for your phone. It has a nice batch function and makes PDF files. Or, you can purchase an inexpensive scanner on amazon for less than the cost of sending me one batch of documents. If you use an iPhone, you can create nice clear scans using your Notes app.

Files may NOT be password-protected

Your Driver’s license must be in color.

3. Click here to make payments

If you bank with WELLS FARGO, US BANK, or UNION, move your money and deposits to another institution.

4. Click here to take credit counseling course #1 (Attorney code: RIDLEY; District is California Central; DO NOT TAKE THE SECOND COURSE YET).

5. Click here to get your credit report.

6. Click here to download a copy of this roadmap

7. Click here to send an email to Eric Ridley

8. Click here if you need to schedule a phone call with Eric Ridley


Creditor Phone Call Script:

“Please don’t call me again. I’m filing for bankruptcy. My lawyer is Eric Ridley. His phone number is (805) 244-5291.”



  1. You have completed all of the above,
  2. You have fully paid for your legal services,
  3. I have sent you a draft copy of your petition,
  4. You have reviewed it, signed it, initialed every page, scanned it as a clean, clear in-focus PDF file, and emailed it back to me, and
  5. I have emailed you a copy of your FILED petition along with your case number and further instructions.




  • You are not protected from your creditors just by paying me some (or all) of the fee…
  • You are not protected from your creditors when you take your class…
  • You are not protected from your creditors just because you signed your completed papers…
  • …although all of these things are important requirements.
  • You are only protected when, *after* all that happens, I file your signed papers with the court and you have a case number from me…
  • …so it’s in your best interest to make all the above happen as fast as possible.


After we have filed your case, I will ask you to provide additional documents, as requested by the Trustee to whom we’re assigned.

You are required to take a second, post-filing, Debtor Education course. Click here

Your Trustee Meeting:

Roughly 30 days after we file your case, you will appear at your 341(a) Meeting of Creditors and Trustee Meeting.

Generally, no creditors appear; this is very rare.

At your meeting, you will be placed under oath and asked questions by the Trustee who is assigned to your case. When your case is filed, I will email you a list of typical questions asked by the Trustee.

This meeting is non-confrontational and civil. You will not be yelled at or threatened or shamed.

Also after we file, you are required to take a second course (“Debtor Education”). This is a mandatory course, takes about two hours, and can be done from home. I will email you a link to take the course.


Roughly 80 days after your meeting, the Court will issue your discharge. I will email you a copy, and you will receive a copy by mail a few days later. KEEP THIS DOCUMENT. It is among the most important documents in your case.

Case Closing

A few days after your discharge, your case will close. I will let you know by email once your case closes.

Rebuilding your Credit

Near the end of your case, I will enroll you in the credit rebuilding course from This course is yours at no extra cost ($1,000 value) and will teach you the fastest, most ethical, legitimate, moral, practical, and effective way to increase your credit score to above 720 within 24 months of your discharge.

My information:

Law Office of Eric Ridley
567 W. Channel Islands Blvd. Ste. 210
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
(805) 244-5291 voice
(888) 953-3884 fax

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