Certification of Trust Lawyer in California

Trusts confuse many people, including some lawyers. If you’re dealing with a trust in California, having a Certification of Trust can help avoid some of the confusion at times when you need to work with the trust.

A Certification of Trust is a legal document you can use instead of the trust documents in certain situations to save time, money, and to keep things private. I can prepare a Certificate of Trust for you that meets legal requirements and explain how you can use the document to make your job a little easier when handling matters involving the trust.

What is a Certification of Trust?

A trust is a legal entity people create to hold property for them or for someone else. Trusts are an artificial way of owning property, and lawyers set them up to provide various benefits. Many people use trusts in place of a will to transfer property to their family after they pass away.

If you are dealing with this type of trust or any other trust, you will need to provide proof of the trust to banks and other organizations. The document that establishes the terms of the trust is long and complicated. But you can prove the trust with a Certification of Trust rather than the full trust document.

Why Do You Need a Certification of Trust?

The Certification of Trust is a document used to provide information about the trust without disclosing private details. It proves the trust's existence, the trustee's authority, and outlines the powers given to the trustee without revealing the trust’s specific assets. It helps keep your affairs private while providing required information to outside parties like banks or financial institutions.

The main benefit of a Certification of Trust is privacy. If a bank or other institution asks for proof of a trust, you don't need to hand over the entire 72-page trust document with all of your private information. The Certification of Trust gives them the necessary information in an authorized legal format without revealing the details. Having a Certification of Trust to hand out saves you time and makes it much easier to get through transactions involving the trust.

Creating a Certification of Trust in California

When I create a Certification of Trust, I need to turn the original trust document into a shorter version that contains only the aspects third parties need to deal with the trust. Some of that information is obvious, such as the name and date and date of the trust and the trustee's name. Other information is a little harder to define. I need to describe the trustee’s powers and the degree to which the terms of the trust can be changed or revoked. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an attorney prepare a Certification of Trust rather than trying to do it yourself. It has to satisfy legal requirements before you can use it.

Simplify Your Job with a Certification of Trust

A Certification of Trust helps protect your privacy while making it easier to complete transactions involving your trust. I can ensure that the Certification accurately reflects the essential trust details without revealing any sensitive information. I can also explain when and how to use the Certification document.

If you'd like to learn more about a Certification of Trust, I'd be happy to talk to you about it. Just reach out. I don’t bite, and your consultation is free. Call me today at (805) 307-7713 or contact me online for a free initial strategy session to get the help dealing with your trust.