Will Lawyer In California

Most people in California have a basic understanding of what a will is, but they are often not aware of all the things that can be accomplished with a will. This is a critical document that every adult should have, regardless of their stage in life or their financial situation.

I create wills for people based on their specific needs and goals, so the document can be fairly simple or quite complex. If you die without a will, the State of California has rules about who receives your property, , and it may not be at all who you would choose. Creating a will puts you in control and reduces confusion and problems for your loved ones.

A Simple Will

At its most basic, a will describes who should receive your property when you pass away, after your bills have been paid. The will needs to follow the requirements described in California law, and it is a good idea to include particular language to make the will self-proving. With the right language, the witnesses won’t have to appear in court later to testify that you understood what you were doing and were not forced into creating the will under duress.

A simple will also usually names a person to serve as your executor. That person gets authorized by the court to notify creditors, pay bills, and manage the loose ends after your passing. After paying taxes and filing all the appropriate paperwork, then your executor will distribute your remaining property to the people named in your will as beneficiaries.

Additional Features You Can Include in Your Will in California

Your will can list your assets individually and name a different recipient for each asset, just like we see in movies. (However, your loved ones will not be called to the lawyer’s office for a formal reading of the will Writers create those scenes for dramatic effect.).

Besides distributing assets, your will can also:

  • Name a guardian for minor children
  • Support a favorite charity

You can also describe your funeral wishes in your will, but since the provisions in the will won’t be carried out until after your death, those descriptions may be overlooked if they are buried in the terms of your will.

Do You Need a Will if You Already Have a Trust?

Many people in California have established revocable living trusts that pass their property outside the probate process. However, it is a good idea to create a will even if you also have a trust.

A will can do some things that can’t be done with a trust, such as naming a guardian for children. In addition, having a will provides a backup plan for property that gets left out of the trust.

Get the Right Will for Your Situation

If you don’t have minor children and don’t own real estate, you may need only a simple will.

Whatever you need, I can create the right will without wasting your time and money on provisions that don’t fit your situation. If you already have a will but haven’t updated it in some time, I can review the terms to make sure they still meet your needs. Just contact me to get started.