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We Got Another Ripoff Report Review Removed!

Remove Negative Ripoff Report Reviews

Ripoff Report has become, in some ways, the scourge of review sites. Any negative review can have serious consequences for a business. However, Ripoff Report ranks very high with Google, refuses to remove unfair, untrue, defamatory and damaging reports even under court order, and permits anonymous reviews which can destroy a business.

Successful Ripoff Report Removal

Today, we were again able to successfully remove a negative Ripoff Report Review for a client. This client has seen a significant decrease in their business since this negative Ripoff Report review surfaced.

I closely follow trends with regard to defamation law, and specifically with regard to defamatory and negative Ripoff Report reviews. The landscape changes rapidly, and by following techniques which are successful, and modifying some of those to the needs of my clients, I have so far had a very high success rate in removing these damaging and defamatory Ripoff Report reviews and permitting my clients’ businesses to resume profitability.

(Lawyerly disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. I am an attorney, but I am not YOUR attorney until we have a written agreement between us specifying what I agree to do for you. Emailing, calling, texting me do not create an attorney-client relationship. All claims are opinion only. I may never successfully remove a negative Ripoff Report review again for anyone.)

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