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Will I Lose My House In Bankruptcy?

As a Ventura bankruptcy lawyer, I help a lot of people through the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. This is perhaps the single most common question I’m asked. It makes sense. Your home is more than drywall and a kitchen. It’s the place you raise your kids, it’s where your family memories are made. Our home is completely tied to who we are. And there’s nothing more wrenching that the thought of losing your house over financial difficulties.

Most Ventura Bankruptcy Filers Will Keep Their House

Fortunately, for the vast majority of people, seeking protection under the bankruptcy law will not result in you losing your home. California offers bankruptcy filers an exemption which usually covers any equity which may remain in your property. During the bankruptcy filing, you may “re-affirm” your mortgage, meaning that you simply agree to continue paying on it.

You Should Get a Free Consultation From a Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer

Your Ventura bankruptcy lawyer will be able to give you advice after analyzing your situation.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Southern California, you can send me your information. I will analyze your situation and speak with you at no charge to discuss your options. When you call me, we will have an immediate, free phone consultation. I always take all the time we need, in order to go over your situation, to answer all of your questions, and to make sure you understand everything that will happen if filing bankruptcy is the best choice for you. I will also let you know, straight-up, if filing bankruptcy is not your best option, but if there is a better option for you.

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