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Have you been receiving calls from Or from (800) 880-1906?

The ads feature a recorded voice saying things like:

“Local College Television Network Advertising as little as $95.00 per month.” 
“We’re PMA; the company that provides television based advertising in your local bars”

And so on.

If you received these calls on your cell phone, or if you pressed the button to be removed, but received more calls, you may be eligible to sue under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer’s Protection Act), 47 U.S.C. §227.

The TCPA Generally prohibits – without your prior express consent – communications using automated systems, artificial callers and pre-recorded messages.

Section 227(b)(3) of the TCPA establishes a private right of action for consumers to bring claims under the TCPA for $500 per violation caused by certain autodialed calls, prerecorded calls, and facsimiles that they did not consent to receive.2 And Section 227(c)(5) establishes a private right of action for “up to” $500 per violation for certain telemarketing calls made in violation of a consumer’s status on the federal Do Not Call (DNC) list. Just considering the base damages amount of $500 per violation available under the TCPA, it is easy to see how those damages can multiply, especially when the damages are set at a flat $500 for prohibited autodialed or prerecorded calls or facsimiles.

If you’re being harassed by these calls, please email me with the details.

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